Work Details

Sl.NoworkcodeYearTypeDistrictTalukaVillageCategorySub TypeSectorSub SectorSub Sector TypeAgencyImplemented ByPlan Approval DateWork Name in EnglishWork Name in KannadaApproved AllocationADM Approval DateADM AmountTechnical Approval DateTechnical AmountTender Notification DateTender Approval DateTender AmountWork Order Approval DateWork Order AmountExpenditureWork StatusWorkStatusDescriptionRemarks
1 BLY1631230622016-17MACROBellaryHospetOthersGeneralInfrastructureRoads & BridgesRural RoadsOthersPRED BellaryCEOApr 11 2016 12:00AM Improvement of and Asphalting Road Kottal to Devasamudra Road from 0.00 km to 4.00 km Hospet Taluka170.7516/11/2018168.86012/06/2018168.86019/12/2018 0.000 0.0000.000Not StartedTechnical bid submitted for approval Technical bid submitted for approval
                 170.75 168.860 168.860  0.000 0.0000.000