Workcode Taluka Type Subtype Category Work Name Agency Plan Approved Date Allocation ADM Approved Date ADM Amount Work Order Amt Exp Stages of Work Status Updated On
Sl.NoWorkcodeTal_NameSub TypeSectorCategoryWORK NAMEAGENCY NAMEPlan App DATEAllocationAdm APP DateADM AmtWO AmtEXPStages of workStatus Type NameLast Modified
1 KLB157123321KalaburagiInfrastructureWater SupplyGENERALProviding Pipeline from Khajakotnoor village (MI Tank) to Srinivas Saradagi villageRWS03/05/2016 21.50 03/05/201621.5021.2816.52CompletedCompleted4/10/2018 2:20:59 PM
2 KLB15R312010ChincholiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralWiderning to road from Sedam-Chincholli road (Part of Wanmarpalli - Raichur, Road, SH-15) from KM 119.00 to 120.00 at sulepeth village limit in ChincholliPWD-Sedam05/04/2016 184.32 26/04/2017184.32166.95140.42Work Completed. Final Report and Bill to be submitted for payment Completed5/5/2018 11:01:41 AM
3 KLB15R312011ChincholiInfrastructureLightingGeneralSub estimate widerning Wanmarpalli - Raichur (SH-15) from KM 119.00 to 120.00 at sulepeth village limit in Chincholli Tq at Kalaburagi Dist. (Providing and fixing M.H. Fitting Street Light Pole)PWD-Sedam27/06/2017 29.51  0.0029.510.00work completed, final bill yet to submit from sub divisionCompleted4/10/2018 10:11:29 AM
4 KLB15R411094ChittapurInstitutionalLibraryGeneralConstruction of Library building at Kalgi village in Chittapur TalukaKRIDL-218/01/2016 20.00 17/09/201617.100.0016.85Completed. Completed4/4/2018 10:44:18 AM
5 KLB15R412012ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstn. of pipe culverts on AP border putpak to Bhosga road (SH-126) (Km 59.00, 59.50 and 59.60) in Chittapur talukaPWD-Sedam21/06/2016 46.36 21/06/201646.3636.2335.89Work CompletedCompleted2/6/2018 1:32:34 PM
6 KLB15R412013ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConst'n of main road from Chittapur to Madbool village in chittapur talukaPWD-Sedam19/02/2016 190.56 19/02/2016190.5616.28130.24CompletedCompleted  
7 KLB15R412014ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConst'n of road from Bhagodi to Madbool cross in chittapur talukaPWD-Sedam19/02/2016 190.56 19/02/2016190.5616.28150.24Completed (Repeated work as per meeting review of 10-04-2017)Completed  
8 KLB15R412015ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of CD works on Madbol to Bhagodi (MDR) road in Chittapur Tq. (Sub Estimate)PWD-Sedam02/03/2017 29.63 02/03/201729.630.0029.63Work completedCompleted5/5/2018 11:00:29 AM
9 KLB15R412016ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImpt to approach to Bhagodi bridge cum barrage in ChittapurPWD-Sedam03/10/2016 80.00 11/03/201680.0074.3974.39Work CompletedCompleted 5/5/2018 10:57:17 AM
10 KLB15R412019ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovements of approach road from Arankal Bugadi Tanda in Chittapur Taluka to Jammankolla - Mallimolla Tanda in Chincholi TalukaPWD-Sedam18/01/2016 50.00 17/05/201650.0046.6843.99Work CompletedCompleted 5/5/2018 10:58:20 AM
11 KLB15R412028ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralDevelopment of Gundgurthi Village in Kalaburagi dist -Part-3PRED10/02/2016 78.00 12/05/201678.0077.8651.88Phy CompletedCompleted3/17/2018 2:07:12 PM
12 KLB15R412029ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralDevelopment of Gundgurthi Village in Kalaburagi dist -Part-4PRED10/02/2016 71.34 12/05/201671.3471.220.00Phy CompletedCompleted1/10/2018 10:38:28 AM
13 KLB15R412030ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralDevelopment of Gundgurthi Village in Kalaburagi dist PART -1PRED10/02/2016 89.10 12/05/201689.1088.9688.96CompletedCompleted1/10/2018 10:39:25 AM
14 KLB15R412031ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralDevelopment of Gundgurthi Village in Kalaburagi dist PART -2PRED10/02/2016 80.40 12/05/201680.4080.2556.76Phy CompletedCompleted6/7/2018 4:25:26 PM
15 KLB15R412109ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of C.C. Road from Railway station to Basanna Soukar Nalwar shop in Ward No. 01 at Chittapur TownKRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 16/12/201610.000.009.90CompletedCompleted12/16/2017 3:58:53 PM
16 KLB15R412111ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of C.C. Road from Nagavi Chowk to Ravi Sajjan Shetty House in Ward No. 03 at Chittapur Town.KRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 16/02/201610.000.009.90CompletedCompleted  
17 KLB15R412112ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding C.C. Road & RCC Drain from Jagu Guttedar House to Nagavi Chowk at Ward No. 4 in Chittapur TownKRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 30/08/201610.000.009.90CompletedCompleted8/7/2017 5:33:47 PM
18 KLB15R412113ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding C.C. Road & RCC Drain from Bhairi house to Kadu Papa house via Hanamanth Chowdhari house at Ward No. 5 in Chittapur TownKRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 30/08/201610.000.009.80CompletedCompleted  
19 KLB15R412114ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding C.C. Road from Devibai house to Kemu house at Ward No. 6 in Chittapur TownKRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 30/08/201610.000.009.80CompletedCompleted  
20 KLB15R412116ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding RCC Drain from Subhash Rathod house to Diggaon Road at Ward No. 8 in Chittapur Town.KRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 30/08/201610.000.0010.00Work CompletedCompleted12/16/2017 4:01:13 PM
21 KLB15R412118ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding C.C. Road from Nagavi main road to Sulegaon Layout at Ward No. 10 in Chittapur TownKRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 30/08/201610.000.009.90CompletedCompleted8/7/2017 5:25:19 PM
22 KLB15R412119ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of C.C. Road from Yakub Fruite house to Ek Kaman in Ward No. 11 at Chittapur Town.KRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 16/12/201610.000.009.90CompletedCompleted8/7/2017 5:25:29 PM
23 KLB15R412120ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of CC road and RCC drain from Munna House to Police Station in Ward No. 12 at Chittapur Taluka. Dist. KalaburagiKRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 27/04/201710.000.009.90CompletedCompleted8/23/2017 1:50:38 PM
24 KLB15R412121ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstructin of CC Road and RCC Drain from Yeddapur House to Shivakumar Hadpad Shop Janta to Police Station in Ward No. 13 Chittapur Town. Dist. KalaburagiKRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 27/04/201710.000.009.90CompletedCompleted8/23/2017 1:51:03 PM
25 KLB15R412122ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding C.C. Road & RCC Drain from Makabool Patel house to Gachin Math & Old General Hospital to Ganapati Temple Vai Mainoddin House at Ward No. 14 in Chittapur Town.KRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 30/08/201610.000.009.90CompletedCompleted8/23/2017 1:51:27 PM
26 KLB15R412123ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding C.C. Road & RCC Drain from Sultan Sab layout Survay No. 273 at Ward No. 15 in Chittapur Town.KRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 30/08/201610.000.009.90CompletedCompleted8/23/2017 1:51:52 PM
27 KLB15R412124ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding C.C. Road & RCC Drain from Prakash Samgar house to Katre Wel at Ward No. 16 in Chittapur Town.KRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 30/08/201610.000.009.90CompletedCompleted8/23/2017 1:52:18 PM
28 KLB15R412125ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of C.C. Road from Basavaraj Honnal house to Sudhakar Dengi house in Ward No. 17 at Chittapur Town.KRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 16/12/201610.000.009.80CompletedCompleted8/23/2017 1:52:35 PM
29 KLB15R412126ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of C.C. Road from Elehadis Masjid to Chitavali chowk in Ward No. 18 at Chittapur TownKRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 16/12/201610.000.009.80CompletedCompleted  
30 KLB15R412127ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding C.C. Road from Bevoor Sahukar house to Old Basaveshwar Chowk at Ward No. 19 in Chittapur TownKRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 30/08/201610.000.009.90CompletedCompleted8/7/2017 7:55:31 PM
31 KLB15R412128ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of C.C. Road from Chittavali Chowk to Reshmi Madeppa house in Ward No. 20 at Chittapur TownKRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 16/12/201610.000.0010.00CompletedCompleted10/2/2017 2:49:31 PM
32 KLB15R412129ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding C.C. Road from Old Basaveshwar Chowk to Jyoti Sevakendra at Ward No. 21 in Chitapur TownKRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 30/08/201610.000.0010.00CompletedCompleted10/2/2017 2:50:05 PM
33 KLB15R412130ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding C.C. Road from Church to Old Basaveshwar Chowk & Chitawali Chowk to Basaveshwar Statue at Ward No. 22 in Chittapur TownKRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 30/08/201610.000.009.90CompletedCompleted8/23/2017 1:53:25 PM
34 KLB15R412131ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding C.C. Road from Linga Hotel to Sitaram Chali at Ward No. 23 in Chitapur TownKRIDL-110/05/2016 10.00 30/08/201610.000.009.90CompletedCompleted8/23/2017 1:53:48 PM
35 KLB15R512032JewargiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstn. of CC Road In Andola village of Jewargi PRED22/06/2016 100.00 05/12/201672.0063.8457.79Phy Completed Completed6/12/2018 12:45:28 PM
36 KLB15R512033JewargiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstn. of CC Road In Ijeri village of Jewargi PRED22/06/2016 100.00 05/12/201679.0063.1961.51 Completed. Completed4/6/2018 1:27:53 PM
37 KLB15R512108JewargiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Mahur New village to Mahur old village Km.12.45 to 13.55 in Jewargi talukaKRIDL-122/02/2015 55.00 30/03/201655.000.0055.00CompletedCompleted 12/16/2017 3:57:07 PM
38 KLB15R611097SedamInstitutionalCollege GeneralConstruction of PU College at SedamKRIDL-227/02/2016 165.71 27/02/2016165.710.00165.71Completed. Completed2/6/2018 1:16:28 PM
39 KLB15R612018SedamInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of Ranjol to Bhootpur Village road from Km 0.00 to 2.10 in Sedam Tq.PWD-Sedam16/01/2016 106.00 25/06/2016103.2998.4197.92work Completed Received 3rd party report & final Payment done Completed5/5/2018 10:46:11 AM
40 KLB15R612101SedamInfrastructureUrban InfrastructureGeneralಸೇಡಂ ಪಟ್ಟಣದ ವಾರ್ಡ ನಂ. 22 ರಲ್ಲಿ ಜಿ.ಕೆ ರಸ್ತೆಯ ಭವಾನಿ ಕಾಂಪ್ಲೆಕ್ಸ್ ದಿಂದ ಕೊಡ್ಲಾ ಕ್ರಾಸ್ ಲೇಬರ್ ಕಾಲೋನಿವರೆಗೆ ಮತ್ತು ಪಕ್ಕದ ಬಡಾವಣೆಗಳಿಗೆ ಎಚ್.ಡಿ.ಪಿ.ಇ. ಪೈಪ್ ಲೈನ್ ಕಾಮಗಾರಿ.TMC-Sedam06/02/2018 30.00 14/11/201730.0029.550.00Physically CompletedCompleted5/29/2018 10:20:41 AM
41 KLB15R711035KalaburagiInstitutionalParkGeneralDevelopment of Landscape work at Pragati colony garden in KalaburagiNK 06/07/2016 24.87 06/07/201624.870.0022.96Work completedCompleted5/21/2018 2:49:16 PM
42 KLB15R711043KalaburagiInstitutionalSportsGeneralConstr of Canteen building at C.P Stadium in KalaburagiNK02/04/2016 5.06 02/04/20165.065.064.12work completedCompleted4/9/2018 9:12:49 AM
43 KLB15R711046KalaburagiInstitutionalSportsGeneralRepairs and renovation of Medical hall and Sports room C.P Stadium in KlbNK02/04/2016 5.02 02/04/20165.025.024.06work completedCompleted4/9/2018 9:13:09 AM
44 KLB15R711048KalaburagiInstitutionalSportsGeneralRepairs of toilet and curtains mats to Swimming pool C.P Stadium in KlbNK02/04/2016 1.93 02/04/20161.931.931.56work completedCompleted4/9/2018 9:13:48 AM
45 KLB15R711239KalaburagiInstitutionalSocialGeneral50 ಎಕರೆ ಪ್ರದೇಶದಲ್ಲಿ ಮೇವು ಬೆಳೆಯಲು ಪ್ರತಿ ಎಕರೆಗೆ ರೂ.10000/- ದಂತೆCEO31/03/2016 5.00 31/03/20165.000.002.00work approved and 40% fund releasedCompleted 12/28/2017 5:15:07 PM
46 KLB15R712020KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralCC Road & Drain form Kajal House to Mijgori, Sai Pahelwan house to Aadi Batli house & infront of Usmania Maslim Chowk, Mominpura, Kaalburgi.PWD KLB20/05/2016 104.68 20/05/2016104.68103.5797.18Physically completed Completed4/13/2018 7:21:00 PM
47 KLB15R712021KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralCC Road Form Ahmed Manzil to Batle Alawa via Yakubji Maniar, Alla Bakash House, Salar jung and Ayub Gul Farosh @ Mominpura, Batle Alawa.PWD KLB20/05/2016 102.68 20/05/2016102.68101.6284.01work CompletedCompleted5/6/2018 9:56:30 AM
48 KLB15R712022KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralCC Road Form balti Alawa to National Chowk via Mouzan house, Naseer Syed Bare, Naseer Ayub & Sons & Rasheed Lunge house, Kalburgi.PWD KLB20/05/2016 102.16 20/05/2016102.16101.0696.55Work CompletedCompleted5/6/2018 9:56:58 AM
49 KLB15R712023KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralCC Road & Drain form Mirza Gayaz baig house, late Dr.Viqarulla hussaini, Rahmat Colony, Azizulla Sarmast and New Mount Carmel School @ W.NO.13, Azadpur Road & Firdose Nagar Colony, Kalburgi.PWD KLB20/05/2016 99.00 20/05/201699.0097.9297.76Physically completedCompleted11/19/2017 8:40:24 PM
50 KLB15R712034KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImpts. of connectivity road from Bhunyar [K] village via Sonth road to Kalaburagi talukaPMGSY29/02/2016 191.40 29/02/2016191.40161.17116.68COMPLETEDCompleted10/30/2017 4:43:30 PM
51 KLB15R712040KalaburagiInfrastructureUrban InfrastructureGeneralProviding 12.5mtr high mast lights 4 nos at ward no 20 in KalaburagiNK08/03/2016 11.53 10/05/201611.530.0011.08Work completedCompleted2/14/2018 12:17:42 PM
52 KLB15R712055KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneral Construction Of Bus Shelter Opposite Samagraha Abhi Virudhi Bank Towards Hirapur Road Aland Check Post ,KalburgiNK03/06/2016 3.98 27/05/20163.980.003.05Work completed, roof sheet balanceCompleted5/21/2018 2:16:11 PM
53 KLB15R712060KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneral Construction of Bus Shelter Opposite Pujari Complex Towards Humnabad road Ram Mandir, KalaburagiNK03/06/2016 3.98 27/05/20163.980.002.80Work completedCompleted1/5/2018 5:19:04 PM
54 KLB15R712063KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneral Construction of Bus Shelter Opposite Nirmala Nivas Towards Central Bus Station Road Near Kanni Market.,KalaburagiNK03/06/2016 3.98 27/05/20163.980.003.05Work completedCompleted1/5/2018 5:25:38 PM
55 KLB15R712064KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneral Construction of Bus Shelter Beside Ring Road Towards Central Bus Station Road Near Filter Bed Ahmed Nagar Colony ,KalaburgiNK03/06/2016 3.98 27/05/20163.980.001.92Work completedCompleted4/12/2018 11:24:29 AM
56 KLB15R712067KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneral Construction of Bus Shelter Opposite Hussaini Icon Centre Towards Central Bus Station Road Misbah Nagar Chowk ,KalaburagiNK03/06/2016 3.98 27/05/20163.980.003.06Work completedCompleted1/5/2018 5:28:51 PM
57 KLB15R712068KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneral Construction of Bus Shelter Opposite Al-llahi Tours & Travels Towards Humnabad Road KCT Engg.College,KalaburagiNK03/06/2016 3.98 27/05/20163.980.002.81Work completedCompleted5/21/2018 2:19:25 PM
58 KLB15R712070KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneral Construction of Bus Shelter Beside Old Bus Stand New Madina Colony ,KalaburagiNK03/06/2016 3.98 27/05/20163.980.003.05Work completed.Completed1/5/2018 5:24:17 PM
59 KLB15R712071KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneral Consturction of Bus Shelter Beside Government Printing Press, KalaburagiNK03/06/2016 3.98 27/05/20163.980.003.05Work completedCompleted3/7/2018 1:48:13 PM
60 KLB15R712072KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneral Consturction of Bus Shelter Beside Of Hanuman Temple Open Space Towards High Court Road at Biddapur Colony,KalaburagiNK03/06/2016 3.98 27/05/20163.980.001.92Work completedCompleted3/7/2018 1:48:40 PM
61 KLB15R712073KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneral Construction of Bus Shelter Opposite Nagaraj Complex Towards Humnabad At Kakade Chowk,KalaburagiNK03/06/2016 3.98 27/05/20163.980.002.80Work completedCompleted1/5/2018 5:21:27 PM
62 KLB15R712075KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneral Construction of Bus Shelter Towards High Court Road Opposite Udanur Cross,KalaburagiNK03/06/2016 3.98 27/05/20163.980.001.13Work completed Completed1/5/2018 5:31:51 PM
63 KLB15R712076KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneral Consturction of Bus Shelter Opposite Shruthi Medical Store Towards Super Market Road Pooja Colony Cross, KalaburagiNK03/06/2016 3.98 27/05/20163.980.000.00Work completedCompleted5/21/2018 2:20:17 PM
64 KLB15R712079KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneral Construction of Bus Shelter Opposite Sun International Hotel Towards Central Bus Station,KalaburagiNK03/06/2016 3.98 27/05/20163.980.000.00Work completed Completed1/5/2018 5:42:47 PM
65 KLB15R712080KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneral Construction of Bus Shelter at Rukmoddin tola darga towards Aland road KalaburagiNK03/06/2016 3.98 27/05/20163.980.000.00Work completedCompleted4/12/2018 11:27:53 AM
66 KLB15R712086KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneral Construction of Bus Shelter Beside Siddarood Math Towards Ram Mandir Road Siddarood Colony,KalaburagiNK03/06/2016 3.98 27/05/20163.980.001.14Work completed Completed1/5/2018 5:46:47 PM
67 KLB15R712087KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding and laying of 90mm dia HDPE Pipeline from Azadpur Cross Ring road to Piece Islamic School Azadpur road and Hagarga Cross Ring road to Itihad Chowk in KalaburagiKUWSDB01/07/2016 23.33 01/07/201623.3319.0022.71CompletedCompleted5/28/2018 11:56:00 AM
68 KLB15R712104KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstn of CC road from KWS zonal office to SB College compound wall (balance work) in Kalabuargi townKRIDL-108/02/2016 10.00 08/02/201610.000.0010.00CompletedCompleted1/19/2018 12:45:22 PM
69 KLB15R712132KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding and laying of CC road at ward no 55 of SB office to NGO office in Kalabaragi (From 0.00 CH-171.00MCH) KRIDL-107/03/2017 5.12 07/03/20175.120.005.00CompletedCompleted12/16/2017 4:06:11 PM
70 KLB15R712133KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding and laying of CC road at ward no 55 of Dr. Mahinnala house to Railway line in Kalaburagi (From 0.00 CH-212.00MCH)KRIDL-107/03/2017 5.30 07/03/20175.300.005.10CompletedCompleted10/8/2017 3:30:18 PM
71 KLB15R712134KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Ring road to Kanni market via Mohammadi chowk in Kalaburagi city.CMC25/01/2016 84.90 02/02/201692.4292.4292.42CompletedCompleted5/18/2018 11:57:02 AM
72 KLB15R712135KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralconst of Drain from ring road to Kanni Market via Mohammadi Chowk in Kalaburagi City.CMC25/01/2016 45.10 02/02/201645.1944.6342.39CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:45:55 PM
73 KLB15R712136KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Mohammadi chowk to Dattatraya Herror School via Raliance Funcation hall and Behind Venkateshwar temple in New Raghavendra Colony W.No.21 Kalaburagi city.CMC25/01/2016 65.25 02/02/201665.3258.3556.67CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:46:36 PM
74 KLB15R712137KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralCC Road from Sanjayvani Press to S.B. Collage compound & Dr. S.H.Katti House to S.B. Collage compound via Millind School.CMC25/01/2016 35.00 02/02/201634.9332.7329.60CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:47:01 PM
75 KLB15R712138KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImpt of road from New RTO office to Srusti Nilaya plot no 3 (kusnoor road) in Kalaburagi cityCMC19/02/2016 99.00 19/02/201699.5988.00100.02CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:48:27 PM
76 KLB15R712139KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImpts to road from existing KEB TC to University gate (kusnoor road) in Kalaburagi cityCMC19/02/2016 99.95 19/02/201699.9988.5492.98CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:49:34 PM
77 KLB15R712143KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of road from Santosh Colony Main road to Choudhry ITI College road via 60 ft. Road at Ward No. 22 in Kalaburagi CityCMC26/02/2016 82.00 26/02/201682.0074.9481.63CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:50:13 PM
78 KLB15R712144KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of Drain from Santosh Colony Main road to Choudhry ITI College road via 60 ft. Road at Ward No. 22 in Kalaburagi CityCMC26/02/2016 46.25 26/02/201646.2538.8036.41CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:50:45 PM
79 KLB15R712145KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of CC Road from Aland road to PF Office and surrounding of Chincholi Layout at Ward No. 22 in Kalaburagi CityCMC26/02/2016 29.25 26/02/201629.2526.1727.80CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:51:26 PM
80 KLB15R712147KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralFormation of Road Indian oil Corporation to Gunj Bank Colony, Kalburgi.CMC02/02/2016 35.27 02/02/201635.2729.8130.45CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:52:12 PM
81 KLB15R712148KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralFormation of Road from Mahalakshmi Lay out to Raghuji Finance @ Gunj Colony, Kalaburgi.CMC02/02/2016 45.27 02/02/201645.2738.3639.02CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:53:01 PM
82 KLB15R712149KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralFormation of Road from Sarwar house to Luqman College & Divine School to Human Age School @ Omrah Colony, Kalaburgi.CMC02/02/2016 29.97 02/02/201629.9726.9526.84CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:53:31 PM
83 KLB15R712150KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralFormation of Road from Mahadeva Nagar Arch to Akka Mahadevi temple @ Mahadeva Nagar.CMC02/02/2016 49.90 02/02/201649.9049.5044.22CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:54:33 PM
84 KLB15R712151KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralFormation of BT Road in Veerendra palil Layout, Kalaburgi.CMC02/02/2016 20.10 02/02/201620.1019.7919.79CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:55:14 PM
85 KLB15R712152KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralFormation of BT Road in Darshanapur, GDA Layout, Kalaburgi.CMC02/02/2016 20.12 02/02/201620.1219.2219.21CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:56:02 PM
86 KLB15R712153KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralFormation of Road from Krishna School to Sharanappa House @ Basaveshwara Colony,CMC02/02/2016 20.04 02/02/201620.0419.6219.78CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:56:48 PM
87 KLB15R712154KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralFormation of CC Road from Zaheed, Ex Mayor to Masjid Huda @ Rahmath Nagar ColonyCMC02/02/2016 35.28 02/02/201635.2834.4531.49CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:57:15 PM
88 KLB15R712155KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralFormation of Road & CC Drain from Basheer Kanchi to join existing Storm Water Drain via Kali Gumbad.CMC02/02/2016 50.22 02/02/201650.2249.8728.17Physically Completed Completed3/31/2018 11:32:37 AM
89 KLB15R712156KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralCC Road from KBN Medical College Gate to Dr. Shakeel Khan Clinic, Madina Colony.CMC02/02/2016 25.10 02/02/201625.1024.3423.67CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:58:08 PM
90 KLB15R712157KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralFormation of Road & CC Drain from Masjide Sabira to Malagathi Main Road and in front of Nayeem Khan’s HouseCMC02/02/2016 50.34 02/02/201650.3447.6550.00CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 12:58:36 PM
91 KLB15R712158KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralCC Drain from Maharaja Hotel to Dr. Dhaded Hospital via Late Kaiser Mahmood Maniyar’s House, Station Bazaar, KalaburagiCMC02/02/2016 24.83 02/02/201624.8324.8020.11CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:00:31 PM
92 KLB15R712159KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralCC Drain from KCT Gate Boundry to Rudra Bhoomi in Madina ColonyCMC02/02/2016 20.04 02/02/201620.0419.2619.27CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:01:14 PM
93 KLB15R712160KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralFormation of Road from Dr. Vipul Shah House to Arihanth NagarCMC02/02/2016 25.03 02/02/201625.0324.5724.65CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:02:07 PM
94 KLB15R712161KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralFormation of Road @ Mahatma Gandhi Truck Terminal Colony, KalaburagiCMC02/02/2016 40.10 02/02/201640.1037.6737.59CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:04:05 PM
95 KLB15R712162KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralCC Road from Baig’s House to Shabdi’s House @ Qamar Colony, KalaburagiCMC02/02/2016 15.11 02/02/201615.1114.7514.78CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:04:30 PM
96 KLB15R712164KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralFormation of Road & CC Drain from Hagarga Road to Mazahar Uloom School, KalaburagiCMC02/02/2016 45.23 02/02/201645.2337.4136.62CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:05:18 PM
97 KLB15R712165KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of Storm Water Drain from Nisti Hospital to existing Storm Water Drain beside Hanuman Temple via N.V.English Medium School at Sharna nagar.CMC01/02/2016 34.50 20/02/201634.5031.0934.30CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:06:44 PM
98 KLB15R712166KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from T.T.Bhimrao house to MG Road via Gumbaz and Hasmi house at Pragati colony.CMC01/02/2016 50.00 20/02/201650.0045.6840.48CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:07:20 PM
99 KLB15R712167KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of storm water Drain Gulla Bowdi Ex-Corpotator Mohan house to existing storm water drain at Kalyan Nagar.CMC01/02/2016 25.00 20/02/201624.8423.3317.69CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:07:49 PM
100 KLB15R712168KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralWiding of CC road infront of Asian Mall.CMC01/02/2016 10.00 20/02/20169.909.808.41CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:08:42 PM
101 KLB15R712169KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of Box culvert near Asian Mall & Lahoti Petrol Pump Junction.CMC01/02/2016 20.00 20/02/201620.0019.6718.46CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:09:14 PM
102 KLB15R712170KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding Pavers from Kamat Hotel to Janata Bazar at Super Market.CMC01/02/2016 19.00 20/02/201618.9717.6512.58CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:10:08 PM
103 KLB15R712171KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from old Chowk Police Station to Heritage Hotel via Prakash Talkies.CMC01/02/2016 95.00 20/02/201695.0594.5889.14CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:11:05 PM
104 KLB15R712172KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement to road from Langoti Peer Darga to Filter bed road. (GDA 80 ft road)CMC01/02/2016 95.00 20/02/201695.1094.6290.00CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:11:55 PM
105 KLB15R712173KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road S.V.P Circle to PDA Engineering College .CMC01/02/2016 98.50 20/02/201698.0993.9997.14CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:12:12 PM
106 KLB15R712174KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from old Jewargi under Bridge to PDA Engineering College under Bridge Tarfile Main road. + Work slip amount 8.28CMC01/02/2016 99.50 20/02/2016107.3798.48106.73CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:12:40 PM
107 KLB15R712177KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralFormation of road from Parivar Hotel to Sayyed Chincholli road in Shivshakti Nagar W.No: 23CMC01/02/2016 45.00 20/02/201645.0041.6340.19CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:13:28 PM
108 KLB15R712178KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road Opp: PDA Engineering College Rub House and V.G. Womens College to Deshmuk sab House.CMC01/02/2016 13.00 20/02/201613.0012.4212.92CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:13:47 PM
109 KLB15R712179KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement road and drain from Biddapur main road to Railway under Bridge at Datta Nagar W.No: 50CMC01/02/2016 50.00 20/02/201650.2949.9347.80CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:14:08 PM
110 KLB15R712180KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from ring road (High Court) Bus Stand to Mannur Advocate house and Navade Aparajita house to Basavaraj house via Umesh Jankar house at KHB colony.CMC01/02/2016 50.00 20/02/201649.8845.5249.15CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:14:30 PM
111 KLB15R712181KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Pradeep Mitri house to ring road via T.V.Shivanand house and IT Park gate at KHB colony.CMC01/02/2016 50.00 20/02/201649.8844.0343.91CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:15:24 PM
112 KLB15R712182KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of CC road & Drain from Chandrabhushan Nivas (Arihanth School) to Siddiveer Nivas & Revansiddappa Police Patil house at Revansiddeshwar Colony in W.No.32 in Kalaburagi City.CMC18/02/2016 50.00 26/02/201650.0040.9246.18CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:15:48 PM
113 KLB15R712183KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of CC road & Drain from Jagadevappa M.Magali house to Vijaykumar Jadhav house in Revansiddeshwar Colony in W.No.32 in Kalaburagi City.CMC18/02/2016 50.00 26/02/201650.0040.4845.69CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:16:03 PM
114 KLB15R712184KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovements of road from Adarsh Kalyan Mantap to existing road at Gubbi colony in Kalaburagi city.CMC18/02/2016 20.00 26/02/201620.0016.5716.77CompletedCompleted9/6/2017 1:31:01 PM
115 KLB15R712185KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of Drain surrounding Masjid-E-Rahim, Macca colony in W.No.13 in Kalaburagi City.CMC18/02/2016 15.00 26/02/201615.0012.4014.55CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:16:19 PM
116 KLB15R712186KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of CC road & drain from Vaishanavi Kiran shop to Panduranga Biradar house at Dastapur Pasar house to Uma Shetty house in Revansiddeshwar colony W.No.32 in Kalaburagi City.CMC18/02/2016 75.00 26/02/201675.0061.5370.00CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:17:24 PM
117 KLB15R712187KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of road from Masjid to Abdul Raheem (Deputy Tahasildar) Milat Nagar in Kalaburagi City.CMC18/02/2016 10.00 26/02/201610.008.379.39CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:17:39 PM
118 KLB15R712188KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Darga Main road (Royal enfield showroom) to MG road via Masjid-E-Umra in Kalaburagi City.CMC18/02/2016 40.00 26/02/201640.0034.9541.76CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:26:40 PM
119 KLB15R712189KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralFormation of road Gunj main road to shivaji Nagar near Basalingeshwar Temple (Beside Bharat Dal Mill) in Bhavani Nagar W.No.3 in Kalaburagi City.CMC18/02/2016 18.00 26/02/201618.0014.5014.31CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:27:14 PM
120 KLB15R712190KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Ring to 110 KV Station (Sindigi road) in W.No.20 in Kalaburagi City.CMC18/02/2016 25.00 26/02/201625.0023.2921.69CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:27:42 PM
121 KLB15R712191KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from KEB Khazana OHT to Gunj Main road beside Darbar Hotel via Sanjay Nagar in W.No.8 in Kalaburagi City.CMC18/02/2016 25.00 26/02/201625.0023.3220.36CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:28:07 PM
122 KLB15R712192KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road & Drain from Ansari & Palavala House to Islamabad main road via Sarmuddin house in W.No.4 in Kalaburagi city.CMC18/02/2016 25.00 26/02/201625.0021.0823.16CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:28:49 PM
123 KLB15R712193KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of Drain from KBN Compound Dubai Galli W.No.4 in Kalaburagi city.CMC18/02/2016 15.00 26/02/201615.0012.6814.47CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:29:16 PM
124 KLB15R712194KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of CC road from Zikrya Masjid to ASI Liyakat Ali House in W.No.46 in Kalaburagi City.CMC18/02/2016 12.00 26/02/201612.0010.4210.15CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:29:38 PM
125 KLB15R712195KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Amruth Chincholikar house to Kusnoor main road via Guttedar house in Kalaburagi City.CMC18/02/2016 30.00 26/02/201630.0025.1126.33 CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:30:00 PM
126 KLB15R712196KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from New Jewargi road to Panchasheel Nagar via Mahaveer Nagar in Kalabuargi City.CMC18/02/2016 62.00 26/02/201662.0046.0045.67CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:30:44 PM
127 KLB15R712197KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Kothari Bhavan to Venkatgiri Hotel (over Bridge road) in Kalabuargi city.CMC18/02/2016 22.50 26/02/201622.5021.4821.31CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:31:04 PM
128 KLB15R712198KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralFormation of road from Sparkal School to Ring road W.No.54 in Kalaburagi cityCMC18/02/2016 45.00 26/02/201645.0037.7440.00CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:31:28 PM
129 KLB15R712199KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of CC road & Drain at Tarfile area W.No.53 in Kalabuargi City.CMC18/02/2016 30.00 26/02/201630.0029.5129.06CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:31:49 PM
130 KLB15R712200KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Kalyani Petrol pump to Children Park in Kalaburagi City.CMC18/02/2016 25.00 26/02/201625.0022.9820.19CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:32:13 PM
131 KLB15R712201KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of Storm Water Drain from Old LML Showroom (Opp: Janata Grah Nirman Layout) to Dobhighat via Kalyani Petrol Pump in Kalaburagi City.CMC18/02/2016 99.00 26/02/201699.0085.0482.46CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:32:39 PM
132 KLB15R712202KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Nisar Ahmed house to Icon Vally In Misbhan Nagar MSK Mill in W.No: 20 Kalabuargi city.CMC18/02/2016 10.00 26/02/201610.008.698.35CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:33:12 PM
133 KLB15R712203KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of Storm Water Drain & Raod from Ganesh Temple existing SWD to Vijayvani Building via S.Tivari house at Sharan Nagar in Kalaburagi city.CMC18/02/2016 25.00 26/02/201625.0021.3918.39CompletedCompleted2/3/2018 3:36:08 PM
134 KLB15R712204KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of Storm Drain Dr.Vishavanath Reddy Hospital to Anand lodge existing drin at Shanti Nagar in Kalaburagi city.CMC18/02/2016 16.00 26/02/201616.0013.0212.41CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:33:53 PM
135 KLB15R712205KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Gunj main road to Police house via Salasara Function Hall & Behind Malu Factory to Gunj main road in W.No.3 in Kalaburagi city.CMC18/02/2016 40.00 26/02/201640.0037.7537.60CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:34:11 PM
136 KLB15R712206KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Taineralu house to Ashwinikumar house & Rayappa Rtd. Tahasildar house to B.S.Patil Sagar house at NGO's colony in W.No.30 in Kalaburagi city.CMC18/02/2016 16.50 26/02/201616.5015.6416.27CompletedCompleted  
137 KLB15R712207KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Veeranna Padshetty house to Annappa Hebal and around park at Pragati colony in Kalaburagi city.CMC18/02/2016 19.00 26/02/201619.0016.6014.09CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:34:48 PM
138 KLB15R712208KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of CC road from Gundarao Keshwar house to Mahadevappa Mahindrakar house and Shashikala Swamy house to Guru Swamy house at Gubbi colony in Kalaburagi cityCMC18/02/2016 16.25 26/02/201616.2513.0713.02CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:35:08 PM
139 KLB15R712209KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Huda Masjid to PNT road at Nagar in Kalaburagi city.CMC18/02/2016 34.00 26/02/201634.0031.9626.58CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:35:27 PM
140 KLB15R712210KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Rudrawadi Hospital to Al Ameen School at Rahemat Nagar in Kalaburagi cityCMC18/02/2016 26.70 26/02/201626.7023.2721.36CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:35:49 PM
141 KLB15R712211KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of CC road from Aland rod to High school at W.No.18 in Kalaburagi City.CMC18/02/2016 27.00 26/02/201627.0025.4923.28CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:36:14 PM
142 KLB15R712212KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Qadri chowk to Mallikarjun Temple at W.No.19 in Kalaburagi cityCMC18/02/2016 14.00 26/02/201614.0013.309.50CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:36:34 PM
143 KLB15R712213KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of road from Vijay Nagar to Qhadri chowk at W.No.19 in Kalaburagi city.CMC18/02/2016 33.00 26/02/201633.0028.2025.69CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:36:58 PM
144 KLB15R712214KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralFormation of road from Taj Nagar main road to Tajsultanpur road in Kalaburagi city.CMC18/02/2016 30.00 26/02/201630.0024.2722.99CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:37:20 PM
145 KLB15R712216KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of CC road in Vardhanagar of Kalaburagi city.CMC18/03/2016 14.50 18/03/201614.5012.8212.76CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:37:40 PM
146 KLB15R712217KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from old ESI Hospital to Join M.S.K Mill Main road Ward No.50 in Kalaburagi city.CMC18/03/2016 64.90 18/03/201664.9062.3659.61CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:38:18 PM
147 KLB15R712218KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of from Z.P Division office to District Consumer Forum office at Prashanth Nagar W.No.46 in Kalaburagi city.CMC18/03/2016 19.00 18/03/201619.0015.7615.40CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:38:48 PM
148 KLB15R712219KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding RCC Cover Slab on existing Strom Water Drain from Back side Asian Mall to Advocates Colony Culvert at W.No.47 in Kalaburagi City.CMC18/03/2016 38.90 18/03/201638.9033.8735.11CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:39:12 PM
149 KLB15R712220KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding and Laying CC road from Shivasharanagar Dhaba to Sedam Main road at Sri Siddaganga Area in Kalaburagi city.CMC18/03/2016 12.12 18/03/201612.1211.3211.18CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:40:09 PM
150 KLB15R712221KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of Strom Water Drain from Kotambari Layout Rub to Shakthi Nagar Rub W.No.51 in Kalaburagi city.CMC18/03/2016 29.20 18/03/201629.2025.0817.76CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:40:54 PM
151 KLB15R712222KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Govt B.ed College to Women's Polytechnic College in Kalaburagi City.CMC18/03/2016 20.73 18/03/201620.7318.8519.37CompletedCompleted  
152 KLB15R712223KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of RCC Drain in Kapnoor Harijinwada at ward No.32 in Kalaburagi city.CMC18/03/2016 63.28 18/03/201663.2862.8552.13CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:42:02 PM
153 KLB15R712224KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Vergis House to Padma Nivas House Via Chetan Durgi House W.No.51 in Kalaburagi city.CMC18/03/2016 21.00 18/03/201621.0017.3919.06CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:42:28 PM
154 KLB15R712225KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of road from Dr.Suresh House to Railway Track at Godutai colony W.No.51CMC18/03/2016 41.87 18/03/201641.8736.0435.89CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:42:51 PM
155 KLB15R712226KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovements of road at Chandrashekar Patil Studium in Kalaburagi City.CMC22/03/2016 43.61 22/03/201643.6137.2445.40CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:43:12 PM
156 KLB15R712227KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of Road from Sri Veerayya Swami House ward No.51 in Kalaburagi city.CMC31/05/2016 12.50 30/07/201612.5010.109.61CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:43:31 PM
157 KLB15R712228KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of Road from Basawarajappa House to new Jewargi Main road at Godutai colony ward No.51 in Kalaburagi city.CMC31/05/2016 9.51 30/07/20169.517.377.12CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:43:50 PM
158 KLB15R712229KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of Road from Jambannagouda House to railway track at Godutai colony ward No.51 in Kalaburagi city.CMC31/05/2016 15.00 30/07/201615.0011.6212.83CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:44:18 PM
159 KLB15R712230KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of Road from Sri Sajjad house to Sri Mallikarjun House at Godutai colony ward No.51 in Kalaburagi city.CMC31/05/2016 9.11 30/07/20169.117.067.02CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:44:36 PM
160 KLB15R712231KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovement of Road from Godutai colony post office to railway track via Veerayya Swami house at Godutai colony Ward No.51 in Kalaburagi city.CMC31/05/2016 19.21 30/07/201619.2115.3814.49CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:44:53 PM
161 KLB15R712232KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding CC road from Asha Jyoti to Vandana teacher house at Laxmi nagar W. No 30 in KalabaragiCMC26/07/2016 12.00 26/07/201612.009.549.22CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:45:08 PM
162 KLB15R712233KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding CC road from GDA 80ft road to Gola house at Laxmi nagar W. No 30 in KalabaragiCMC26/07/2016 12.75 26/07/201612.7510.148.46CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:45:33 PM
163 KLB15R712234KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding CC road from Sedam main road to S.S Patil house at Bhayanagar in KalabaragiCMC26/07/2016 17.00 26/07/201617.0013.5313.45CompletedCompleted1/9/2018 1:45:55 PM
164 KLB15R712237KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding Pumping Machinery and pipeline work at Seed farm, Kotnoor village of Nandikoor GP Kalaburagi Taluka- farm pond to GDA Compound.RWS31/03/2016 5.00 31/03/20165.004.924.92ಕಾಮಗಾರಿ ಭೌತಿಕವಾಗಿ ಪೂರ್ಣಗೊಂಡಿರುತ್ತದೆ Completed4/10/2018 9:11:50 AM
165 KLB15R712238KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralProviding Pumping Machinery and pipeline work at Seed farm, Kotnoor village of Nandikoor GP Kalaburagi Taluka- Sri Guru College Compound to Seed farm office.RWS31/03/2016 5.00 31/03/20165.004.924.92ಕಾಮಗಾರಿ ಭೌತಿಕವಾಗಿ ಪೂರ್ಣಗೊಂಡಿರುತ್ತದೆ Completed4/10/2018 9:12:17 AM
166 KLB15R7713028KalaburagiInstitutionalCollegeGeneralEquipments to Colleges in Yadgir and Kalaburagi on DGS&DHKRDB03/08/2016 110.26 03/08/2016110.260.0088.49completedCompleted10/31/2017 5:26:29 PM
167 KLB15R7713029KalaburagiInstitutionalCollegeGeneralEquipments to PU College Sulepet, BRC North Kalaburagi, Govt Commerce college Bellary, Govt College Aland on DGSNDHKRDB03/08/2016 98.92 03/08/201698.920.0071.08completedCompleted10/31/2017 5:27:27 PM
168 KLB15R7713030KalaburagiInstitutionalCollegeGeneralFurniture for womens first garde college kalaburagi (manual)HKRDB06/07/2016 1.52 06/07/20161.520.001.52CompletedCompleted3/16/2018 4:09:36 PM
169 KLB15R7713031KalaburagiInstitutionalOthersGeneralFacilities for ADGP/AGP/ Wakf board,GUG in Kalaburagi (manual) HKRDB23/06/2016 6.32 23/06/20166.320.000.00CompletedCompleted9/16/2017 1:37:00 PM
170 KLB15R7713032KalaburagiInstitutionalOthersGeneralFurniture for HKRDB office (manual)HKRDB07/06/2016 7.68 07/06/20167.680.000.00CompletedCompleted9/16/2017 1:37:00 PM
171 KLB15R7713033KalaburagiInstitutionalOthersGeneralFurniture for HKRDB office (IND 106)HKRDB22/04/2016 4.83 22/04/20164.830.000.00CompletedCompleted9/16/2017 1:37:00 PM
172 KLB15R7713034KalaburagiInstitutionalTransportGeneralProviding Buses to Afzalpur Tq- NEKRTCHKRDB28/09/2016 120.86 28/09/2016120.860.00120.87CompletedCompleted9/16/2017 1:37:00 PM
173 KLB15R7713035KalaburagiInstitutionalTransportGeneralProviding Buses to Kalagi & Aland Placess- NEKRTCHKRDB04/10/2016 161.15 04/10/2016161.150.00161.15CompletedCompleted9/16/2017 1:37:00 PM
174 KLB15R7713036KalaburagiInstitutionalTransportGeneralProviding Buses to Chittapur Tq- NEKRTCHKRDB28/09/2016 120.86 28/09/2016120.86120.86120.86CompletedCompleted11/9/2017 4:31:00 PM
175 KLB15R7713037KalaburagiInstitutionalTransportGeneralProviding Buses to Chincholli Tq- NEKRTCHKRDB04/10/2016 161.15 04/10/2016161.150.00161.15CompletedCompleted9/16/2017 1:37:00 PM
176 KLB15R7713038KalaburagiInstitutionalTransportGeneralProviding Buses to Sedam Tq- NEKRTCHKRDB04/10/2016 120.87 04/10/2016120.870.00120.87CompletedCompleted9/16/2017 1:37:00 PM
         6969.48 6900.974772.295961.36