Workcode Taluka Type Subtype Category Work Name Agency Plan Approved Date Allocation ADM Approved Date ADM Amount Work Order Amt Exp Stages of Work Status Updated On
Sl.NoWorkcodeTal_NameSub TypeSectorCategoryWORK NAMEAGENCY NAMEPlan App DATEAllocationAdm APP DateADM AmtWO AmtEXPStages of workStatus Type NameLast Modified
1 KLB143123044ChincholiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of siphon at left canal in Chandrampalli dam KNNL23/03/2015 85.00 12/01/201674.840.0029.942nd stage work under progressUnder Progress10/12/2017 11:25:04 AM
2 KLB144123158ChittapurInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGENERALProviding and laying CC for divider and street lights from S.B.H. Bank to Kaleshwar Temple at Kalagi in Chittapur TalukaPWD SEDAM22/01/2018 30.00 02/02/201827.5028.940.00Work under progressUnder Progress5/5/2018 10:33:11 AM
3 KLB145123133JewargiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstn of 2 bridges between Yadrami and Yatnal canal (Bridge –II 50 mtrs span) in Jewargi talukaPWD KLB20/12/2017 168.35 20/12/2017168.35161.120.00Site clearence under progress.Under Progress4/14/2018 6:12:51 PM
4 KLB145123134JewargiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstn of 2 bridges between Yadrami and Yatnal canal (Bridge –I 50 mtrs span) in Jewargi talukaPWD KLB20/12/2017 145.00 20/12/2017145.00131.430.00 under progressUnder Progress5/28/2018 1:41:51 PM
5 KLB145123135JewargiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralImprovements of road from Kudi Darga to NH 218 via Kolkod in Jewargi Tq.PWD KLB12/12/2014 495.00 24/09/2015478.00447.83378.57Under progress. Under Progress5/6/2018 10:01:35 AM
6 KLB146113153SedamInstitutional Culture ArtsGeneralCompletion of Suvarna Karnataka Bhavan @ Sedam Town (Civil work, Ornamental, electrification and BorewellKRIDL-205/02/2017 80.85 07/03/201785.600.0065.00Finishing Work Under Progress Under Progress3/15/2018 4:43:51 PM
7 KLB146113154SedamInstitutional Culture ArtsGeneralCompletion of Suvarna Karnataka Bhavan @ Sedam Town (Compound wall, internal road, box culvert, street light)KRIDL-205/02/2017 51.90 07/03/201754.850.0038.00Compound Wall Work U/P Under Progress2/24/2018 1:59:36 PM
8 KLB146123047SedamInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of ring road in sedamKRIDL-218/12/2014 150.00 18/08/2015133.730.0085.00C.C. Road U/P Under Progress4/12/2018 4:07:29 PM
9 KLB147113062KalaburagiInstitutionalEducationGeneralProviding Two additional Classrooms with Dual Desks and all facilities in GHPS Urdu Lalgiri @ KalaburagiNK19/02/2015 18.00 25/04/201516.110.0012.90Roof laid & finishing work u/pUnder Progress6/20/2018 12:25:11 PM
10 KLB147113075KalaburagiInfrastructureTheme ParkGeneralConstruction of Insectorium at Rajiv Gandhi theme park, KalaburagiNK25/04/2015 47.03 25/04/201547.030.0053.79roof concrete work completed plastering work to be started (revised estimate submitted Rs. 58.30 lakhsUnder Progress6/20/2018 12:26:03 PM
11 KLB147113076KalaburagiInfrastructureTheme ParkGeneralConstruction of Aquarium block at Rajiv Gandhi theme park, KalaburagiNK25/04/2015 39.38 25/04/201539.380.0019.56Roof slab centring work to be start revised estimate submitted (Rs. 52.15 lakhs) Work restarted by Secretary HKRDB vide letter dated: 30-12-2017 Under Progress6/20/2018 12:27:59 PM
12 KLB147113077KalaburagiInfrastructureTheme ParkGeneralConstruction of Kids house at Rajiv Gandhi theme park, KalaburagiNK09/12/2015 49.86 09/12/201549.860.0045.26Roof slab casted, De- shuttering work u/p (revised estimate submitted Rs. 53.02 lakhs)Under Progress6/20/2018 12:29:11 PM
13 KLB147113078KalaburagiInfrastructureTheme ParkGeneralConstruction of Fun complex & 7D theater at Rajiv Gandhi theme park, KalaburagiNK12/06/2015 162.10 12/06/2015162.100.00120.23Work restarted by Secretary HKRDB vide letter dated: 30-12-2017 (Plastering work u/p) Under Progress6/20/2018 12:30:13 PM
14 KLB147113085ChittapurInstitutionalSportsGeneralConstruction of Indoor Stadium at ChittapurNK06/06/2015 183.19 06/06/2015197.300.00156.36Finishing stageUnder Progress6/20/2018 4:21:46 PM
15 KLB147113088KalaburagiInfrastructureSWMGeneralConstn. of Garage shed for SWM vehicles of Kalaburagi CorporationNK06/06/2015 151.18 06/06/2015151.180.0089.75Shed-1-> Finishing stage Shed-2-> Finishing stage Shed-3-> To be startUnder Progress6/20/2018 4:25:50 PM
16 KLB147113099KalaburagiInstitutionalExhibition & Concert GroundGeneralConstruction of Concert Stage at Public exhibition ground, Kotnoor D park KalaburagiNK06/06/2015 63.13 06/06/201563.1367.4576.01Flooring work balance revised estimate submitted Rs.113.40 lakhsUnder Progress6/20/2018 4:30:08 PM
17 KLB147123028KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralGulbarga Airport Road Connectivity Package – Sedam Road (From Annapurna Hospital to Kharge petrol pump)CMC 19/02/2015 962.00 28/01/2015962.001008.86849.26under progressUnder Progress4/5/2018 4:53:36 PM
18 KLB147123029KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralRoad-A Manikeshwari Mandir to Idga Miadan JDA Layout in Kalaburagi CityCMC 25/04/2016 189.00 25/05/2016185.40159.87102.88Work Under ProgressUnder Progress5/26/2018 11:32:49 AM
19 KLB147123054KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralGulbarga Airport Road Connectivity Package – Road Furniture & Street Lighting – MB Nagar to MG Road-1 (From Opposite of Food Zone to MB Nagar Masjid)NK08/04/2015 1.46 12/1/20161.460.004.40Electrical work u/pUnder Progress6/20/2018 6:18:12 PM
20 KLB147123055KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralGulbarga Airport Road Connectivity Package – Road Furniture & Street Lighting – MB Nagar to MG Road -3 (From plot No: 104 of GDA Layout to MB nagar road)NK11/11/2014 2.08 06/05/20154.440.004.37Electrical work u/pUnder Progress6/20/2018 6:18:52 PM
21 KLB147123066KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralGulbarga Airport Road Connectivity Package – Road Furniture & Street Lighting MB Nagar to MG Road 2 (From Opposite pf GT & TC College to MB Nagar Road)NK10/10/2014 4.44 05/06/20154.440.004.38Electrical work u/pUnder Progress6/20/2018 6:30:18 PM
22 KLB147123072KalaburagiInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralConstruction of footpath and vendor zone at Aland check post Kalaburagi.PWD KLB06/04/2015 6.10 06/04/20156.100.001.09Estimate awaited from AEEUnder Progress6/7/2018 11:03:22 AM
23 KLB147713006KalaburagiInstitutionalHealthGeneralMedical Equipment & Instruments for OBG, NICU, ICU, Emergency, OT, Laboratory, Orthopaedic, Physiotherapy & Surgical Departments of Kalburgi District Hospital (Manual) HKRDB06/02/2015 147.69 06/02/2015147.69147.69146.09under progress Under Progress5/30/2018 12:07:15 PM
24 KLB147713007KalaburagiInstitutionalHealthGeneralMedical Furniture for OBG, NICU, ICU & Emergency, Wards & Mortuary of Kalburgi District Hospital (Manual)HKRDB06/02/2015 40.18 06/02/201540.1840.1835.11under progressUnder Progress5/30/2018 12:09:15 PM
25 KLB147713008KalaburagiInstitutionalHealthGeneralEquipment & Furniture for Hospital Management - General Management, Laundry Management, Kitchen Management for Kalburgi District Hospital (manual)HKRDB06/02/2015 28.70 06/02/201528.7028.7024.19under progressUnder Progress5/30/2018 12:10:56 PM
26 KLB147713057KalaburagiInstitutionalLibraryGeneralElectrification to GP LibraryHKRDB27/12/2014 5.25 27/12/20145.250.000.00Under progressUnder Progress9/16/2017 1:37:00 PM
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