Workcode Taluka Type Subtype Category Work Name Agency Plan Approved Date Allocation ADM Approved Date ADM Amount Work Order Amt Exp Stages of Work Status Updated On
Sl.NoWorkcodeTal_NameSub TypeSectorCategoryWORK NAMEAGENCY NAMEPlan App DATEAllocationAdm APP DateADM AmtWO AmtEXPStages of workStatus Type NameLast Modified
1 HK151713004HK RegionInstitutionalSportsGENERALIndoor & Outdoor Equipments to Yadgir, Kalaburagi, Raichur stadium [Ind No. 53)HKRDB21/10/2015 16.56 21/10/201516.560.0013.07Parcel Supplied - 75% of total cost of materials supplied paid and balance after installation and third party inspection report - 3 items balanceUnder Progress2/18/2018 3:35:32 PM
2 HK151713011HK RegionInstitutionalHealthGENERALMEDICAL EQUIPMENT & INSTRUMENTS FOR OBG, NICU, ICU, PEDIATRICS OF District & Taluk health hospitals to HK region [I.No. 15]HKRDB16/09/2015 92.14 16/09/201592.140.0080.53Parcel supplied Under Progress2/18/2018 3:40:33 PM
3 HK151713012HK RegionInstitutionalHealthGENERALMedical Equipment & Instruments for Anaesthesia, OT & Physiotherapy OF District & Taluk health hospitals to HK region[I.No. 17]HKRDB21/09/2015 61.28 21/09/201561.280.0037.48Parcel suppliedUnder Progress2/18/2018 3:41:44 PM
4 HK151713015HK RegionInstitutionalHealthGENERALMedical Equipment & Instruments for General Items & Ward FurnitureOF District & Taluk health hospitals to HK region[I.No. 24]HKRDB23/09/2015 39.10 23/09/201539.100.0020.74Parcel SuppliedUnder Progress2/18/2018 3:45:06 PM
5 HK151713021HK RegionInstitutionalHealthGENERALMedical Equipment & Instruments for health Management, Patient Hygiene & Nutrition Kalaburagi [I.No.21]HKRDB18/09/2015 44.43 18/09/201544.430.0023.6675% of total cost of materials supplied paid and balance after installation and third party inspection report - 7 items balanceUnder Progress2/18/2018 3:50:57 PM
6 HK151713023HK RegionInstitutionalHealthGENERALMEDICAL EQUIPMENT & INSTRUMENTS FOR LABORATORY OF KALABURAGI, YADGIR DISTRICT HOSPITALS & CHINCHOLI, DEODURG, BHALKI & GANGAVATI TALUKA HOSPITALS UNDER HKRDB MACRO PROJECTS FOR 2015-16. [I.No.63]HKRDB24/11/2015 19.75 24/11/201519.750.009.4475% of total cost of materials supplied paid and balance after installation and third party inspection report - 01 item balance Under Progress2/18/2018 3:54:23 PM
7 HK151713025HK RegionInstitutionalHealthGENERALPROCUREMENT OF FURNITURE & GENERAL EQUIPMENT FOR DISTRICT HOSPITAL KALABURAGI, BIDAR MEDICAL COLLEGE & RAICHUR LABOUR ROOM UNDER HKRDB MACRO PROJECTS FOR 2015-16 (Ind-72)HKRDB13/01/2016 21.40 13/01/201621.400.0017.65Parcel supplied.Under Progress2/18/2018 3:56:51 PM
8 HK151713050HK RegionInstitutionalSmart PoliceGENERALProviding TACTICAL TRAINING FOR KALABURGI, DISTRICT UNDER SMART POLICE HKRDB MACRO PROJECTS FOR 2015-16-[I.No. 52]HKRDB07/10/2015 20.43 07/10/201520.430.006.67Parsaly Supplied - 75% payment madeUnder Progress2/21/2018 5:17:13 PM
9 HK151713080HK RegionInstitutionalSocialGENERALFixing of VTS, Hardware Unit & with reports on rental to 09KL Cabin truck with water tanker to ZPHKRDB14/09/2015 1.60 14/09/20151.601.600.00under progressUnder Progress11/3/2017 11:39:23 AM
10 HK151713083HK RegionInstitutionalUniversityGENERALFurniture to Gulbarga University PG Centre Raichur, KV Kalburgi, DIETs, BRCs, ( ind-32)HKRDB29/10/2015 54.02 29/10/201554.020.0040.24Parsaly supplied Under Progress2/20/2018 10:50:39 AM
11 HK151713085HK RegionInstitutional GENERALSupply of News papers to all GP librariesHKRDB14/08/2015 22.28 14/08/201522.280.000.00Under progressUnder Progress9/25/2017 1:37:00 PM
12 HK151713086HK RegionInstitutional GENERALSupply of Magazines to all GP librariesHKRDB14/08/2015 10.58 14/08/201510.5810.580.00Under progressUnder Progress9/25/2017 1:37:00 PM
13 HK151713087HK RegionInstitutional GENERALSupply of books to all GP librariesHKRDB08/09/2016 180.48 08/09/2016180.480.000.00Under progressUnder Progress9/25/2017 1:37:00 PM
14 HK151713102HK RegionInstitutionalUniversityGENERALProvision of equipments to PG centre Raichur[Mannual Tender] (cc tv)HKRDB06/10/2015 1.72 06/10/20151.720.001.29Parsaly supplied - materials supplied and 75 % payment made balance will be paid after third party inspectionUnder Progress2/21/2018 5:31:47 PM
15 HK151713104HK RegionInstitutionalUniversityGENERALGenerator on DGSND to PG centre RaichurHKRDB26/10/2015 6.03 26/10/20156.030.000.00under progress Under Progress11/3/2017 11:12:26 AM
16 HK151713105HK RegionInstitutional GENERALServer to PG centre Raichur HKRDB07/10/2015 2.15 07/10/20152.150.000.00Order placed on DGSNDUnder Progress9/25/2017 1:37:00 PM
17 HK151713112HK RegionInstitutionalUniversityGENERAL10 liters litter bins at Central University, Kalaburagi HKRDB06/01/2016 5.60 06/01/20160.000.000.00Under progressUnder Progress6/5/2018 4:38:55 PM
18 HK151713133HK RegionInstitutional GENERALInfrastructure for farm Mechanization implements and custom hiring centre @ Agricultural University, RaichurHKRDB  60.00 progressUnder Progress9/25/2017 1:37:00 PM
19 HK151713134HK RegionInstitutional GENERALInfrastructure for centre for abiotic and biotic stress studies @ Agricultural University, RaichurHKRDB  35.00 progressUnder Progress9/25/2017 1:37:00 PM
20 HK151713135HK RegionInstitutional GENERALMobile plant health clinics @ Agricultural University, RaichurHKRDB  33.00 progressUnder Progress9/25/2017 1:37:00 PM
21 HK151713150SelectInstitutionalSocialGENERALProcuremnet of laboratoryry equipment for Genomic research for Tur and other Agricultural items for Agriculture research Station, KLB (ind-105)HKRDB07/05/2016 59.97 07/05/201659.970.0059.29completeUnder Progress6/4/2018 10:24:27 AM
22 HK151713152HK RegionInstitutional GENERALa) Cvil work (Construction of Argo Industrial by-products-LAB at U.A.S. campus Raichur)HKRDB08/04/2016 90.00 07/11/201683.5083.5033.40under progressUnder Progress9/25/2017 1:37:00 PM
23 HK151713153HK RegionInstitutional GENERALb) Procurement of Machineries for cattle feed plant (Capacity up to 1.0 ton/hr) LAB at U.A.S. campus RaichurHKRDB08/04/2016 75.00 progressUnder Progress9/25/2017 1:37:00 PM
24 HK151713154HK RegionInstitutional GENERALc) Porcurement of lab equipment for proximate feed analysis LAB at U.A.S. campus RaichurHKRDB08/04/2016 11.00 progressUnder Progress9/25/2017 1:37:00 PM
25 HK151713178HK RegionInstitutional GENERALIshanyada Aisiri HKRDB27/06/2015 42.15 27/06/201542.1542.1569.81Programme StartedUnder Progress9/25/2017 1:37:00 PM
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