Workcode Taluka Type Subtype Category Work Name Agency Plan Approved Date Allocation ADM Approved Date ADM Amount Work Order Amt Exp Stages of Work Status Updated On
Sl.NoWorkcodeTal_NameSub TypeSectorCategoryWORK NAMEAGENCY NAMEPlan App DATEAllocationAdm APP DateADM AmtWO AmtEXPStages of workStatus Type NameLast Modified
1 HK141713003HK RegionInstitutionalEducationGENERALDigital library at Gulbarga University Equipment for Digital library Manual tender.HKRDB31/03/2015 23.05 31/03/201523.0523.0622.98under progressUnder Progress5/30/2018 12:50:44 PM
2 HK141713004HK RegionInstitutionalEducationGENERALRegional centre for Competitive Excellence at Gulbarga University course material Books Periodicals & Honorarium for Resource persons (per annum)HKRDB05/02/2015 21.00 05/02/201521.0021.0021.00under ProgressUnder Progress5/30/2018 12:33:54 PM
3 HK141713005HK RegionInstitutionalEducationGENERALRegional Centre for competitive excellence at Gulbarga university course Promotion.HKRDB05/02/2015 2.50 05/02/20152.502.502.50under progressUnder Progress5/30/2018 12:36:34 PM
4 HK141713006HK RegionInstitutionalEducationGENERALCentre for Digital Publication & Mass Communication at Gulbarga Univ Print Predication and graphic Unit (Hardware) at Gulbarga UnivesityHKRDB31/03/2015 58.16 31/03/201558.1658.1642.86under progressUnder Progress5/30/2018 12:42:23 PM
5 HK141713007HK RegionInstitutionalEducationGENERALCentre for Digital Publication & mass Comminucation at Gulbarga Univ 20KVA UPS on DGS&DHKRDB06/08/2015 5.09 06/08/20155.095.095.09under progressUnder Progress5/30/2018 12:45:37 PM
6 HK141713028HK RegionInstitutionalEducationGeneralDigital Library @ Gulbarga University : Science E BooksHKRDB10/02/2015 68.73 10/02/201568.7368.7368.74under progressUnder Progress5/31/2018 9:46:12 AM
7 HK141713029HK RegionInstitutionalEducationGeneralRegional Centre for Competitive Excellence, Regional Development Study, Media Study, Information Centre and Printing Press at Gulbarga University : furniture and computer accessories on DGSNDHKRDB30/12/2014 54.91 30/12/201454.9154.9152.91under progressUnder Progress5/31/2018 9:47:04 AM
8 HK141713030HK RegionInstitutionalEducationGeneralCentre for Digital Publication & Mass Communication @ Gulbarga Univ: furnitures on DGSNDHKRDB30/12/2014 8.29 30/12/20148.298.298.29under progressUnder Progress5/31/2018 9:47:43 AM
9 HK141713032HK RegionInstitutionalLibraryGeneralCeiling fanHKRDB07/04/2015 2.45 07/04/20152.450.000.00work under progressUnder Progress5/25/2018 8:51:19 AM
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