Workcode Taluka Type Subtype Category Work Name Agency Plan Approved Date Allocation ADM Approved Date ADM Amount Work Order Amt Exp Stages of Work Status Updated On
Sl.NoWorkcodeTal_NameSub TypeSectorCategoryWORK NAMEAGENCY NAMEPlan App DATEAllocationAdm APP DateADM AmtWO AmtEXPStages of workStatus Type NameLast Modified
1 BLY142113008BellaryInstitutionalEducationGeneralConstruction of School Bulding to Govt. Urdu High School at Millerpet Bellary TownNK11/02/2015 63.10 11/11/201563.1063.1055.71CompletedCompleted6/8/2018 4:42:05 PM
2 BLY142113009BellaryInstitutionalEducationGeneralಕಕ್ಕಬೇವಿನಹಳ್ಳಿ ಗ್ರಾಮದಲ್ಲಿ ಸ.ಹಿ.ಪ್ರಾ.ಶಾಲೆಗೆ 2 ಕೊಠಡಿಗಳು ನಿರ್ಮಾಣ.NK27/05/2016 12.00 27/05/201612.0012.0010.08CompletedCompleted4/4/2018 3:13:43 PM
3 BLY142113010BellaryInstitutionalSportsGeneralSports Facilities for BDAA Stadium Ballari Providing and erecting 2 no 62.5KVA DG sets with esrthing and platformNK13/02/2015 10.91 11/11/201510.9110.9110.91completedCompleted5/31/2018 9:03:15 AM
4 BLY142113011BellaryInstitutionalSportsGeneralSports Facilities for BDAA Stadium Ballari : Providing additional sports equipmentsNK13/02/2015 0.60 11/11/20150.600.600.60completedCompleted1/10/2018 1:28:06 PM
5 BLY142113012BellaryInstitutionalSportsGeneralSports Facilities for BDAA Stadium Ballari Provisions for repairs and maintenance of high mast lights and purchase of spare partsNK13/02/2015 1.29 11/11/20151.291.291.29completedCompleted1/10/2018 1:28:59 PM
6 BLY142113013BellaryInstitutionalSportsGeneralSports Facilities for BDAA Stadium Ballari Providing water supply and sanitary i.e. providing corporation drinking water connection and Constn of 15000 ltr capacity under ground sump and system tank with necessary pipe line workNK13/02/2015 2.20 11/11/20152.202.202.20completedCompleted1/10/2018 1:29:35 PM
7 BLY142123001BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralBallary City Prashantha Nagar Main road end of the road, road improvement CMC Bellary 10/06/2015 18.80 12/08/201518.8018.5218.06completedCompleted2/3/2018 10:16:28 AM
8 BLY142123015BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralKolagallu grama to Alipura Road improvement in Ballari City PRED-B10/06/2015 58.60 07/01/201658.6057.5058.26CompletedCompleted10/21/2017 11:56:52 AM
9 BLY142123016BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralKeri camp to Kammarched Road in Ballari TalukPRED-B03/10/2015 113.32 03/10/2015113.32103.31102.94CompletedCompleted2/26/2018 4:42:35 PM
10 BLY142123017BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralLingadevana grama construction of CC road and cc Drain near School in Ballary Taluk, Ballary PRED-B10/06/2015 27.50 07/01/201627.5020.6219.51Physically completedCompleted10/21/2017 11:57:48 AM
11 BLY142123018BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralShindhuvala Grama from Hospital to Hagari road improvement in Ballari Taluk, Ballari PRED-B10/06/2015 7.85 07/01/20167.856.937.08CompletedCompleted10/21/2017 11:58:03 AM
12 BLY142123019BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralMoka grama New bus stop to Gottur road improvement in Ballari Taluk, Ballari PRED-B10/06/2015 31.35 07/01/201631.3527.2425.91CompletedCompleted10/21/2017 11:58:24 AM
13 BLY142123020BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralCantonment Railway Station to Kolagal Road in Ballari CityPRED-B07/01/2016 38.25 07/01/201638.2533.0126.68Phy. completedCompleted10/21/2017 11:58:38 AM
14 BLY142123021BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralSir M.V Nagara kappagallu road right hand side 2nd road asphalting and open channel in Ballari cityPWD-B25/05/2015 68.50 18/11/201568.5063.0562.42Work completed. Final Bill Paid. Completed2/5/2018 11:31:12 AM
15 BLY142123022BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralBobookuntte grama, drain constn from OHT to water Channel in Ballari talukaPWD-B25/05/2015 78.60 18/11/201578.6073.0866.97Work completed. 3rd & Part bill paid and Final Bill to be received from subdivision.Completed2/5/2018 11:44:10 AM
16 BLY142123023BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralBallari city Jayanagar 2nd main road construction around the park PWD-B25/05/2015 33.70 18/11/201533.7031.1930.13Work Completed. Final Bill PaidCompleted2/5/2018 11:30:15 AM
17 BLY142123024BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralBallari city ward no 26 bypass main raod to Zakir Hussain nagara RCC drain constnPWD-B25/05/2015 5.60 18/11/20155.605.002.93Work completed. Final Bill paid. Due to site problem work is proposed to close as is where is basis.Completed2/5/2018 11:29:09 AM
18 BLY142123025BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralBallari city ward no 28 bypass main raod to nalvarege via kenchappa school RCC drain constnPWD-B25/05/2015 19.80 18/11/201519.8015.4113.17Work completed. Final Bill paid. Due to site problem work is proposed to close as is where is basis. Completed2/5/2018 11:32:20 AM
19 BLY142123026BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralBallari city ward no 27 ashraya colony near Kamella CC road and CC drain PWD-B25/05/2015 14.30 18/11/201514.3011.3111.20Work Completed. Final Bill PaidCompleted2/5/2018 11:33:45 AM
20 BLY142123027BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralYallapi grama from bus stop to Hagari constn of cc road and cc drain near school in Ballari PWD-B25/05/2015 21.30 18/11/201521.3017.8217.04Work Completed. Final Bill PaidCompleted2/5/2018 11:35:38 AM
21 BLY142123028BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralBallari city chotta near Kamella kavadi steet RCC drain const PWD-B25/05/2015 12.40 18/11/201512.4011.2011.09Work Completed. Final Bill PaidCompleted2/5/2018 11:42:59 AM
22 BLY142123029BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralVanenoor grama new janatha colony main road and cross road improvement in Ballari talukaPWD-B25/05/2015 9.30 18/11/20159.308.028.02Work Completed. Final Bill PaidCompleted4/9/2018 10:40:07 AM
23 BLY142123030BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralChellagurki grama ballari to Ananthapur main roads cross road improvement in Ballari talukPWD-B25/05/2015 7.90 18/11/20157.906.136.13Work Completed. Final Bill PaidCompleted2/5/2018 11:46:30 AM
24 BLY142123031BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralP D Halli grama sukalamma gudi street, Syganna house street and other roads impt in Ballari talukaPWD-B25/05/2015 7.50 18/11/20157.505.825.00Work Completed. Final Bill PaidCompleted2/5/2018 11:47:33 AM
25 BLY142123032BellaryInfrastructureRoads & BridgesGeneralBallari city ward no 29 bandihatti main road honalli grama road imptPWD-B25/05/2015 12.10 18/11/201512.109.689.59Work Completed. Final Bill PaidCompleted2/5/2018 11:48:32 AM
26 BLY142123034BellaryInfrastructureSanitationGENERALConst of toilet block at Kakkebevanhalli villageNK 8.00 27/05/20168.008.007.20completedCompleted4/4/2018 3:15:52 PM
27 BLY142713039BellaryInstitutionalLibraryGeneralProvision of Multifunction copier to GP Library of BellaryHKRDB30/12/2014 4.72 30/12/20144.720.004.72completedCompleted10/6/2017 4:31:25 PM
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